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Version 18 (2022-04-10)

GL-18.1) Texture noise and jitter of objects on fractional scales are completely eliminated.

• This was achieved by using a special method of calculating the screen coordinates of objects.

• With new methods of calculating coordinates borders mismatching some objects (both among themselves and with the background) became static (i.e. they ceased to move and "shimmer" and therefore strongly "hurt eyes").

GL-18.2) New in the display of shadows.

• In addition to shadows from the sun, moon shadows have been added to the game.

• All shadows (both sun and moon) now move.

• New parameters were added into configuration file to control the display of shadows.

• Some 3D objects that previously had no shadows at all now cast shadows.

• 3D container objects located indoors now do not cast shadows.

GL-18.3) Description of installation via Web downloader.

GM-18.1) Bug and bug fixes (game and mod); modification.

GM-18.1.1) Bugs of the game.

• Bug "1264/7670" was that D'Bre'Sineltey's Defender's Cuirass had the wrong model spelled out.

• The "3083/7921" bug was that the 3083 and 7921 helmets had the texture from the belt instead of the texture for the helmet.

• The "Demoness Horse Theft" bug was that there was no warning text for Demoness in the horse theft window.

• The "sec2562" bug was that sector 2562 (Shires-Pen) was marked as visited after starting a new game.

GM-18.1.2) Mod bugs.

• Fixed bug in deactivation of anti-cheater system.

• Fixed the shaded display of the merchant portrait and signature under it in the merchant window.

• Fixed the behavior of pressing the "Back" button in the "Games" window.

• Fixed a bug which caused the chest, merchant and blacksmith inventory to be located incorrectly.

GM-18.1.3) Mod Revision.

• Disabled unnecessary diagnostic display in console window.

• Correction of machine translation in language modules (Spanish and Italian).

• Correction of Russian language modules.

• Added so called "Magic cursor".

• For the Dwarf hero the cursor is changed to a cursor in the form of a crossed horseshoe at the horse trader.

• After setting the marker on the global map game cursor changes to a cursor with a small red dot.

• Now the cursor changes when you hover your mouse over the questor.

• When the hero is at the merchant, pressing Shift changes the game cursor.

• Added new fallback items for the Wood Elf and the Battle Mage.

• From now on, heroes who can wear four rings at once wear rings on different fingers.

• In addition to disabling armor glow, added disabling glare on armor.

• Added parameter responsible for the style of text on the world map.

• Added parameter responsible for turning on / off acceleration of attacks and spells.

• Added parameter responsible for enabling / disabling FPS limitation.

• Added pricing system: coefficients for both buying and selling; gold rate window; sales tax; inclement weather reduces the buying price and increases the selling price.

• In the pop-up text of the "Current experience" scale new data was added — the level of the hero and the current number of blocks of experience points.

• Added parameter responsible for transparency of 2D objects.

• Added Portuguese language module pt_global.res which is a fan translation.

• Added support of 3D sound.

• New Survival Bonus display style.

GM-18.2) New task "Traveller" on World Map.

• Its essence is to get "visit points" for visiting this or that place (settlement, attraction, location, etc.), marked on the map.

• "Visit points" can be sold for gold or, conversely, for these points to buy other points (experience, skills, characteristics), elixirs mentor, an item from the set or modifier "Speed".

CM-18.1) Changed format of console command put.

• The command now has a third parameter Str — the name identifier.

SM-18.1) New hotkeys.

• Added Ctrl+Shift+Y hotkey, which allows to show only tiles and overlays.

SM-18.2) New console commands.

• Added new console command sw for viewing static shadows of 2D objects.

• Added new console command m, which turns on "Mix Object Viewer" mode.

• Added new console command slot to add / remove slots in objects.

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