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Version 17 (2021-06-24)


17.1) Operating modes of NL-mod.

NL-mod can work in three modes Game mode, Cheat mode and System mode. So Game mode is a pure game mode (without cheats and without "System mode").

17.2) Description of the installation through the Web downloader.

Game mode

17.3) Hotkeys — new features.

Hotkey to hide (show) portraits of mercenaries / allies Ctrl+N.

V — call the horse and climb on it / get off the horse;

Z — left mouse button (LMB) emulation — attack;

X — right mouse button emulation (RMB) — magic/special attack;

Pause — similar to P key — pause.

All hotkeys are independent of keyboard layout.

Lock Win key (left and right).

Hotkeys reassignment (fixed reassignment, reassignment with keyboard.kbd file from Sacred Tools).

17.4) Corrected the appearance of the heroes in the selection window.

The equipment of the selected heroes is reduced to the form in which they will appear to the player at the beginning of the game.

Coverage of the heroes was increased by five times. Heroes are drawn in their natural colors.

17.5) Lighting at night: "new is well forgotten old.

The night is truly dark…

Emulation of the movement of the moon, moonlight and the color effects of interference-polarizing clouds.

Indicator for moon phases (and, at the same time, reduction of prices from merchants).

17.6) New management of boot images.

In configuration file added options for four loading pictures.

They can be placed on arbitrary full or relative path.

17.7) Updated handling of scripts.

All the scripts for dynamic swapping are now in a single file repNL.bin.

17.8) Changes in advanced help.

New tab with description of hotkeys directly in game — "Hotkeys (Game, NL)" (first tab).

17.9) Changes in "GUI Extension".

The radio button responsible for showing/hiding the cursor glow.

The radio button "Fallback-objects".

17.10) Interface (styles and layout of windows).

Three interface styles (or themes) have been significantly improved.

The interface window layouts are controlled by a configuration file parameter.

17.11) Added unrealized features.

Color of glow of holograms of Demoness, Valor, etc. depends on time of day.

They glow yellow in daytime, pale red in morning and evening, and pale blue at night.

17.12) Fallback items.

There are so-called fallback items in the game.

These are Dwarf's glasses; Battle Mage's hood; Seraphima's hairpiece; Wampressa's wig; Gladiator's Fick's belt, etc.

Expanded and improved the system of working with fallback items.

Added new fallback items for Demoness, Wood Elf, Dark Elf and Dwarf.

17.13) Bug and bug fixes (game and mod); mod refinements.

17.13.1) Game bugs.

the "F10" bug was that pressing the F10 key was in no way perceived by the game;

the "Abandoned Mansion" bug was that in the Abandoned Mansion you could go outside through the wall;

the "Equipment Boots" bug consisted of the fact that heroes did not display the shoes they were wearing;

the "Server Timer" bug was causing the game server to occasionally not appear in the list of servers;

the "Button Join" bug was that the "Join" button in the "Game" window became inactive when selecting a server with a difficulty above "Bronze";

the "DDS-DrawSequence" bug consisted of the fact that when you draw two DirectX surfaces one after another, the second image could either disappear altogether, or be drawn with distortions.

17.13.2) Mod bugs.

fixed a bug of the mod in determining the closest scale (from the current row of scales) after reading the game;

fixed bug in processing of mouse messages in NL mod windows.

17.13.3) Mod improvements.

changed behavior of configuration file parameters for cheat features;

configuration file parameter to change the display of pition types in the inscription near the cursor;

in all game windows NL-mod added a close button (in the form of a red cross);

made a division of servers;

the original game picture LoadingUW01.bmp is no longer replaced (instead of it — LoadingNL01.bmp);

in NL-mode Cheat mode and System mode anti-cheat system is totally removed;

increased speed animation especially slow spells;

traders are on sale Mentor Potions;

partially or completely disabled broadcasting potions,

in addition, there is a 10% chance of Coca-Cola falling out of the well, and a 3% chance of Whiskey Bottle falling out of the well (just kidding);

an updated and expanded pricing system.

17.14) New behavior in the Main Menu.

When you select the "Network Game" item of the Main Menu, you go directly to the hero selection window.

If you press the "Back" button in the "Games" window (where the list of servers is located), you will go to the Character Selection Window instead of the Main Menu.

Initially, all difficulty levels are available (from Bronze to Niobium).

Cheat mode

17.15) New console commands equ, put, skill, date and rtime.

Console command for equipping the hero: equ Slot Type.

Console command for adding items to the hero's backpack / chest: put Inv Type.

Console command for adding, changing and removing skills: skill Id Num.

Console command to set the date in the game: date D M Y.

Console command rtime, enabling instant recovery mode for spells, combo attacks and horse's "Rush Attack".

System mode

17.16) Returned "System mode".

By numerous requests from users returned "System mode" (mountain key Np. Del).

The only thing that was decided to hide were all actions with scripts (decompiling, writing, scanning calls, displaying variables).

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