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9) Version 14 (2021-01-03)

14.1) Fixed FPS stability.

14.2) Removed glowing armor.

14.3) Changes in language modules.

14.4) New hardcore game mode.

14.5) Description of installation via Web downloader..

14.1) Fixed FPS stability.

Found and fixed a bug that caused a strong decrease in FPS when displaying text lines through the mod itself.

In addition, FPS, when displaying text, also tended to slowly decrease over time (this is the most significant part of this error).

The speed of line output became 1.6 times faster (compared to version 13).

14.2) Removed glowing armor.

a) As you know, the glow of the armor is caused by the presence of some bonus resistance. There are four basic colors, which can give other colors in combination (it all depends on what bonus resistances are present). The developers' idea is interesting, but there is no practical application. Only aesthetic.

b) Study of the effect of enabled glow on FPS showed that the drop is insignificant, within 1–3 units (depending on scale).

c) In the settings window of GUI extension (hotkey Ctrl+Shift+G) was added a radio-button, which allows you to enable/disable glow armor. The configuration file parameter NL_EXGUI_BTN7 is associated with this button. By default, the glow is disabled.

14.3) Changes in language modules.

Changes and additions have been made. Small, but pleasant.

Changed inscriptions displayed when hovering the mouse cursor on the icons of elixirs in the toolbar of the game.

Some shortcuts expanded to full versions (this only applies to the Russian module).

14.4) New Hardcore game mode.

a) Previously available on the servers of Askaron Hardcore mode is now implemented directly in the game.

b) The mode is available in campaigns (Ankaria and Underworld), as well as in online game (all modes).

c) Mode can be turned on/off at the stage of selecting (importing) a character. This can be done by a button in the form of a skull. The eyes of the skull indicate the choice of mode (lit red — Hardcore mode is on).

d) The mod allows you to save/read Hardcore mode records. When selecting a save slot in the additional information (at the top of the first slot) you can see if the save is Hardcore (skull icon to the left of the difficulty level icon).

e) In the game, the indicator of Hardcore mode is a skull (to the left of the elixir panel). It has three main colors — green, yellow and red. The colors smoothly change into each other as the hero's health decreases. You can still see information about Hardcore mode on the overview map (by Tab).

f) In Hardcore mode, the hero dies irrevocably. It is impossible to revive him! If you export a dead hero, he will be ghosted and you can't start a new game with him. It is practically possible to revive a dead hero by switching off the Hardcore mode after his death with a console command (see below), but this is not welcome!

g) A new console command hardcore was introduced into the game, which allows you to turn on/off the Hardcore mode directly in the game.

Note. The idea of reviving Hardcore mode belongs to dear Zerisius. All help was also provided by the developers mod Raven Rock. Many thanks to everyone!

14.5) Description of installation via Web downloader.

a) Download via Web downloader: mmG.dll, ChangeLog.doc.

b) Download the necessary language modules (due to their changes).

To do this, select the installation mode Custom (free choice of items to install).