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9) Version 11 (2020-06-25)

11.1) Changes in the display of Alt inscriptions and Cursor inscriptions:

a) the number of gold in the inscription is displayed (Cursor inscription, Alt inscription). The numbers are golden.

b) For elixirs, a colored rectangle (Cursor inscription) or a triangle (Alt inscription) is drawn to the left of the name.

Their color corresponds to the elixir type.

11.2) Offset the game screen with arrows (error correction and addition):

a) the screen on the enlarged and reduced scale was NOT shifted by ½ of its width/height as stated in item 8.5. Corrected!

b) the shift is now blocked (at any scale) when the console is switched on.

It was done so that the screen wouldn't twitch when the previous console command was selected with the «Up ↑».

11.3) Changed the hot key to enable a smooth shift of the game screen (scrolling).

Scroll Screen Mode now enables/disables the F12 hotkey.

This is due to the fact that the Scroll Lock key is used in other programs (such as keyboard switching programs) and its use in the game leads to conflicts with these programs.

For more information on Scroll Screen Mode, please refer to the section below item 8.6.

11.4) New parameters have been added to the Settings.cfg configuration file:

a) NL_FOG_ALPHA is responsible for the transparency of the fog of war on the mini-map. Its value may be in the range of 0–7. In this case, the value 0 corresponds to the complete absence of fog; the value 7 is completely non-transparent fog. Values 1–6 set the degree of fog transparency — the higher the value, the thicker the fog. The default value is 3 (average transparency);

b) NL_OVERMAPEX_TELEPORT is responsible for the ability to move using the extended overview map (Ctrl+V) by right-clicking. The values are 0 and 1. If the value is 0, no movement is possible (an audible signal is emitted). The default value is 0 (moving is disabled);

c) NL_PICKUPLIST_PICKUP and NL_PICKUPLIST_TELEPORT both parameters refer to the Pickup List window (Ctrl+O) and are responsible, respectively, for the ability to raise objects and the ability to move the hero to objects. The default values are 0 and 1 (lifting and moving is enabled);

d) NL_IGNORE_FONT_SETTINGS is responsible for the possibility of using font settings in the Settings.cfg file. If the parameter is set to 1, the font settings (FONT settings) are ignored and the default fonts are used (see items 10.3 and 3.5). A value of 0 allows the use of the above font settings. The default value is 1 (ignore FONT settings);

e) NL_INTERFACE_SMALLLFONT is responsible for using the smallest font size in many places of the interface (when the parameter value is 1). If the value of the parameter is 0, the font sizes of the original game are used (with rare exceptions). The default value is 1 (smallest font size).

11.5) New in the behavior of the input language indicator:

a) The input language indicator (see item 9.2) is now also available in single-player play by pressing the F11 key;

b) console call by ~ hides the Input Language Indicator;

c) Input language indicator is still available when naming heroes at the beginning of the game, in the network game selection chat and in the network game chat.

11.6) Extension GUI window radio buttons status is now set in configuration file.

In configuration file Settings.cfg added parameters responsible for initial state of radio-buttons of Extension GUI window:

NL_EXGUI_BTN1 — status of "Text + Sound languages" button;

NL_EXGUI_BTN2 — status of "Date / Time / Times of Day" button;

NL_EXGUI_BTN3 — status of the "Copy Hero coordinates" button;

NL_EXGUI_BTN4 — status of "Additional features of the Hero" button;

NL_EXGUI_BTN5 — status of the button Top info bar;

NL_EXGUI_BTN6 — status of the "Left until next Experience" button;

NL_EXGUI_BTNW — status of the Quest button "Bounty Hunt".

Default value for all parameters is 0 (buttons in the off state).

These parameters are read when the game is started and updated at the game exit, depending on the current state of radio-buttons in Extension GUI window.

For more information, please, refer to the section "Extension GUI" item 9.3.

11.7) Fixed errors and inaccuracies:

a) For Chinese and Korean, the texts in the dialogue windows went beyond the window boundaries;

b) Dwarf Forging skill icons were not displayed on type 1 and type 2 interfaces;

c) radio-buttons in the Extension GUI window perceived a mouse click when the window was hidden.

11.8) HotKeys.xls hotkey description file was redesigned and updated.

a) Added new "System Mode" sheet — system mode hotkeys;

b) added images of new modes and windows on "Extensions" sheet.

11.9) The information file settings_cfg.xls has been updated.

This file describes all known parameters of the configuration file Settings.cfg.

In the file settings_cfg.xls the description of NL-parameters of the extension mmG.dll was also added.

The settings_cfg.xls file is not included in the Web downloader. It can be downloaded at an address:

11.10) Installation via Web downloader.

Download via Web downloader: mmG.dll, Settings.cfg, ChangeLog.doc, HotKeys.xls.

To do this, select the installation mode Custom (free selection of items to install).