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9) Version 10 (2020-05-30)

10.1) Added parameter NL_ALT_FONT — font of Alt-inscriptions.

This parameter is responsible for the font of inscriptions (by pressing the Alt key) for the game world objects.

Its values can be in the range 1–7. The default value is 7 (the smallest font).

It is possible to dynamically select the appropriate font using the console command:

afont N, where N is one of the available fonts in the game (values 1–7).

When exiting the game, the selected font value is saved in the NL_ALT_FONT parameter.

10.2) Added new configuration file parameters.

You can now use the following options in the Settings.cfg configuration file:

NL_GUI_PICKUPLIST — to enable/disable "Pickup list" (hotkey Ctrl+O);

NL_GUI_PORTRAIT — to enable/disable "Portrait" (hotkey Ctrl+P).

These parameters have priority over the hot keys when the value is 0 (shutdown).

10.3) Change of font settings (see item 3.5).

The Arial and Times New Roman fonts are now the default fonts. Their settings can no longer be changed.

The lines starting with the FONT parameter (which have become unnecessary) responsible for font settings have been removed from the Settings.cfg configuration file.

10.4) The information file settings_cfg.xls is created.

This file describes all known parameters of the configuration file Settings.cfg.

In the file settings_cfg.xls the description of NL-parameters of the extension mmG.dll was also added.

The settings_cfg.xls file is not included in the Web downloader. It can be downloaded at an address:

10.5) Fixed found errors in Custom HD implementation.

10.6) Installation via Web downloader.

Download via Web downloader: mmG.dll, Settings.cfg, ChangeLog.doc.

To do this, select the installation mode Custom (free selection of items to install).