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9) Version 9 (2020-05-28)

9.1) Added the option to select a custom resolution for the game window (Custom HD):

a) it is now possible to start the game in a window with a custom resolution.

b) the width of the window can be from 1024 to 1920 pixels, and the height can be from 720 to 1080 pixels (coverage of resolutions from XGA to Full HD). In this case, any combination of window width and height is possible.

c) in the configuration file Settings.cfg new parameters have been introduced: NL_RES_SCX and NL_RES_SCY, which are responsible for the values of width and height of the game window, respectively. Default values for them are 1366 and 768.

d) another parameter NL_RES_AUTO is added in the configuration file Settings.cfg. If its value is 1, then the current monitor resolution will be automatically selected. In this case the game window will occupy the whole screen (provided that the monitor resolution does not exceed Full HD, i.e. 1920×1080). In addition, NL_RES_SCX and NL_RES_SCY will be ignored (see mmG.log file) when this parameter is set to 1.

e) the NL_HIGHDEF parameter removed because it is not needed anymore (see item 6.1).

9.2) Added switching of input languages and fixed display of Cyrillic in the chat:

a) due to the connection of Arial and Times New Roman Unicode fonts (see item 3.5) to the game, the non-Roman symbols (Cyrillic) writed from the keyboard (chat and hero names) were displayed incorrectly when the input language was changed. This was due to the fact that when writing symbols it was assumed using of non-Roman fonts from the font folder of the game (where the required local characters were located in the range 0x80–0xFF, which corresponds to "Additional Latin-1" in Unicode). To correct this shortcoming, we have introduced recoding of keyboard scans into Unicode symbols, taking into account the input languages.

b) in the above places of writing symbols from the keyboard it has been implemented the possibility of switching the input languages using hot keys:

Ctrl+1 — switch to the first input language (English by default),

Ctrl+2 — switch to the second input language (Russian by default),

Ctrl+3 — sequential switching of input languages currently available in the system.

c) introduced display of the input language indicator (based on combobox) in the upper right corner of the game screen (in the specified places of writing symbols). Using the mouse you can choose the necessary language from the drop-down list.

d) the last chosen input language is memorized in the NL_KBD_LAYOUT parameter of the Settings.cfg configuration file in the hexadecimal representation of the language code. The saved input language will be used for further game launches (until the next time it is changed).

e) if NL_KBD_LAYOUT parameter is missing, the text language will be selected (see items 3.1 and 6.3).

f) hotkeys Ctrl+Shift+1 and Ctrl+Shift+2 allow you to bind the current input language to keys 1 and 2 for further quick call using hotkeys Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2.

g) in parameters NL_KBD_KEY1 and NL_KBD_KEY2 of the configuration file Settings.cfg the current value of input languages for hot keys Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2 is saved. By default, the values are equal: 00000409 (English) and 00000419 (Russian).

9.3) Added window of displaying additional graphic interface items (Extension GUI).

This window is displayed and hidden by pressing the Ctrl+G hotkey.

You can show or hide additional GUI items by pressing with the left mouse button on checkboxes:

a) "Text + Sound languages" indicator — shows the text language + sound language (for switching languages see item 6.3);

b) "Date / Time / Times of Day" panel — displays the current date, time and time of day (see item 3.3);

c) "Copy Hero coordinates" panel — the panel of copying the hero's coordinates;

d) "Additional features of the Hero" indicator — shows whether additional features of the hero are enabled or not (see para. 8.4);

e) Top info bar — information line at the top of the screen (Scale | Region, Area, Sector, Ground);

f) "Left until next Experience" string — show the line of remaining experience points until the next update;

g) Quest "Bounty Hunt" assistant — show the "Bounty Hunt" assistant (see 7.1, 8.3).

9.4) Added parameter NL_MINI_SCREENSHOT, responsible for clarity of mini screenshots in game records.

This parameter can take values:

soft (by default) — images smoothed,

hard — pictures with increased clarity (a few cut eyes, on personal preferences).

9.5) Added parameter NL_CONSOLE_COLOR, responsible for the console window color.

The parameter NL_CONSOLE_COLOR of the configuration file Settings.cfg specifies the background color of the console window.

Its value (hexadecimal) is in the format: AARRGGBB. The default value is 88000000.

9.6) HotKeys.xls hotkey description file was redesigned and updated.

Now information about hotkeys is on four sheets:

a) "Game window" sheet — game window hotkeys;

b) "Extensions" sheet — the hot keys of the extended game window modes or additional windows;

c) "Main menu window" sheet — the hot keys of the main menu window;

d) "Information" sheet — information.

9.7) Installation via Web downloader.

Download via Web downloader: mmG.dll, Settings.cfg, ChangeLog.doc, HotKeys.xls.

To do this, select the installation mode Custom (free selection of items to install).