SacredCMS 2020-04-03
New Life of the game Sacred Underworld
Version 8 (2020-04-20)

8) Version 8 (2020-04-20)

8.1) Added ability to have up to 32 languages in the game.

The following additional language codes (LNG) are now available:

cn, zh, zho for Chinese;

kp, ko, kor for Korean;

ua, uk, ukr for Ukrainian*;

by, be, bel for Belarusian*;

pt, por for Portuguese*.

Note 1. An asterisk* marks the languages of hypothetical translations.

Note 2. The available language modules for Chinese and Korean are kindly provided by the OverLookers [OLks] clan, developers of Sacred ReBorn HD .

8.2) Changed hotkey to switch the sound language: Ctrl+Shift+D.

This is done to allow you to write "D" in the console and chat windows.

8.3) Fixed the navigation assistant for the task "Bounty Hunt" (see item 7.1).

Changed the work and drawing logic of the assistant.

In addition, in the parameter NL_BOUNTYHUNT_VIEW of the configuration file Settings.cfg now memorized (and read when loading) the state of the assistant: 0 the assistant is hidden; 1 the assistant is shown.

8.4) Added new configuration file parameters.

You can now use the following options in the Settings.cfg configuration file:

NL_HERO_LORD to enable/disable "Lord mode" (hotkey Ctrl+L);

NL_HERO_KWOB to enable/disable "Kill with one blow" (hot key Ctrl+K);

NL_HERO_WEAP to enable/disable "All weapon/armor use" (hot key Ctrl+W).

These parameters have priority over the hot keys when the value is 0 (shutdown).

8.5) Changed the shift of the game screen by arrows.

The arrow keys Right → and Left ← now shift the screen by ½ of its width to the left or right.

Similarly, the arrow keys Up ↑ and Down ↓ move the screen up or down by ½ of its width.

The shift is not blocked at card scale 1:2 (maximum removal).

You can also use shortcut keys (for diagonal shift of the screen): →↑, →↓, ←↑, ←↓.

8.6) Added possibility to smoothly shift the game screen (scrolling).

The Scroll Lock hotkey enables/disables Scroll Screen Mode.

If Scroll Screen Mode is enabled, then:

a) icon with arrows is drawn on top of the compass to indicate that the Scroll Screen Mode is activated;

b) the hero's movement is blocked;

c) the possibility of calling the extended mini-card is disabled (a warning signal sounds when Ctrl+V is pressed);

d) you can move the game screen with the Right →, Left ←, Up ↑ and Down ↓ arrow keys;

e) the Home key returns the screen to its original position (with the hero in the centre);

f) when quitting the game or loading the save file again, Scroll Lock turns off.

8.7) HotKeys.xls hotkey description file has been updated.

8.8) A Web downloader was created to install Sacred NL.