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7) Version 7 (2020-03-18)

7.1) Added navigator assistant for Bounty Hunt quest.

As you know, the "Bounty Hunt" quest starts when you read the task on the message board, which is located near the "Drunk Dragon" tavern. The hero must find and kill one of the 21 criminals. Without knowing his location, it's quite difficult to do so.

The proposed assistant is activated when reading the task. It is a window with two images — the announcement itself and the portrait of the offender. The type of ad depends on whether the offender is a human or a monster. Under the ad — the name of the wanted enemy. Even lower the strip of approaching to the enemy (the closer to him, the longer the red part of the strip). Under the strip: on the left — the current coordinates of the hero; on the right — the current coordinates of the criminal; in the middle (green) the difference between X and Y coordinates of the criminal and the hero. Using the Ctrl+Q hotkey you can hide/show the assistant window. When hiding the assistant window, a status icon of the current task appears to the left of the hero's portrait: red sword — the criminal is alive, yellow sword — the criminal is killed, and you can get a reward. After receiving the reward the assistant window disappears (if it is hidden, the status icon disappears). Information about the completing of the entire quest is displayed in the lower right corner of the game screen, to the left of the indicator of the current coordinates of the hero. The number to the right of the sword icon shows how many criminals are left to find, and the number to the right of the skull icon shows how many criminals are found and killed. When the last offender is killed, the mission information disappears. The assistant navigator can be disabled by assigning 0 to the NL_BOUNTYHUNT parameter in the Settings.cfg configuration file.

7.2) Displaying of the current date and time has been added to the text of the sun clock dialogue.

7.3) Fixed displaying of portraits:

a) in the combo master screen, the portrait of the master is displayed with a pointed hat, not an uncovered head as it was before;

b) in the dialogues of the sun clock and runes stones now correct portraits (previously painted portrait of the grave).

7.4) Improved location of tooltips for pop-ups:

a) hero's skills;

b) information about experience and life;

c) horse information.

Now they all appear next to the portrait of the hero.