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6) Version 6 (2020-03-05)

6.1) The game screen's wide format mode (High Definition — HD) has been introduced.

Now the game has two screen resolution modes: the default mode (1024 × 768 — XGA, 4:3) and the new mode (1366 × 768 — WXGA, 16:9).

In the new resolution, the horizontal view has been increased by 25%.

In the configuration file Settings.cfg there is a new parameter NL_HIGHDEF. The value of this parameter equal to 1 includes widescreen mode, and the value 0 returns the previous resolution. There is no way to dynamically switch the screen resolution modes.

6.2) Added/updated console commands.

а) setting time acceleration in the game time x N, where N is the time acceleration multiplier (with N = 1, there is no acceleration). If the multiplier is different from 1, the numerical value of the multiplier will be displayed above the date/time indicator;

в) the lang LNG. Now its format: lang TYPE LNG, where TYPE is a language type (for text: txt, for sound: snd), LNG is a language code (see Section 4.1).

6.3) Independent switching of text and sound language.

Hot keys: Ctrl+D — switch the text language; Shift+D — switch the sound language.

Now the text and sound languages are selected independently of each other. The specified hotkeys sequentially select the languages for the text (NN_global.res) and sound (NN_sound.pak) modules installed in the game (see sections 3.1 and 5.1). The language can be switched both in the main menu screen and the game screen. The text language is saved in NL_LANGUAGE_TEXT, the sound language is saved in NL_LANGUAGE_SOUND of the Settings.cfg configuration file.

6.4) An internal text volume factor has been introduced for known sound languages.

It is necessary for equalization of sound volume (us — 1.35, de — 1.57, sp — 1.57, it — 2.38, ru — 1.00).

It is used when switching the audio language, taking into account the initial (or changed in the settings) text volume level.

Disabling the alignment is done by assigning 0 to NL_VOISECORR parameter in Settings.cfg configuration file.

6.5) HotKeys.xls hotkey description file has been updated.