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5) Version 5 (2020-02-03)

5.1) Support of several sound files at once.

In the game folder .\PAK is created snd folder, which contains sound files, renamed as NN_sound.pak, where NN is one of the prefixes currently known languages of sound files (us, de, sp, it, ru). Sounds are switched at the same time as the translation language is switched (hotkey Ctrl+D). If there is no sound file for this language, the English sound file will be used. Presence of sound file corresponding to the language is displayed with + symbol after the language prefix (or name) in the bottom left corner of the game screen. Presence of sound.pak file in .\PAK folder now becomes unnecessary (you can delete it).

5.2) Added console commands to play sounds and play/stop music:

a NN (where NN is the number of sound or music) — for playing sounds and playing music;

a- — to stop music playing.

5.3) The Sound.xls information file was created.

This file contains information about all possible sounds and music in the game.

The total number of sounds played is 6866. Of these, 171 are music and the remaining 6695 are sound fragments.

German sound file de_sound.pak (6695) has the full set of sound fragments.

The number of sounds in all sound files can be seen in the file mmG.log (section "Add valid sound resources").