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2) Version 4 (2019-10-17)

4.1) Synonyms for the language code (according to ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-2) have been added.

The following language codes (LNG) can now be used in the LNG_global.res language modules, in the scripts\LNG folder and in the lang LNG console command:

us, en, eng — for English;

de, ge, deu — for German;

fr, fra — for French;

sp, es, spa — for Spanish;

it, ita — for Italian;

pl, pol — for Polish;

hu, hun — for Hungarian*;

jp, ja, jpn — for Japanese*;

vc, svc — for Creole based English* (Vincentian Creole English), not as previously thought - for Vietnamese;

ru, rs, rus — for Russian;

cz, cs, ces — for Czech.

Also the self-names of the languages in the initial screen of the game were corrected.

Note 1. An asterisk* marks the languages with hypothetical translations.

Note 2. About Vincentian Creole English — .

4.2) Added/updated console commands:

а) time setting in the game time H M S, where H — hours (0–11), M — minutes (0–59), S — seconds (0–59);

б) teleportation of the player to go X Y, where X and Y are tile coordinates (use the command with caution!);

в) command lang LNG has been updated (see para. 4.1).