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3) Version 3 (2019-10-12)

3.1) Support for multiple languages simultaneously.

After removing the only language share from the body of sacred.exe file, a simple reading of global.res text share file (idea from patches 2.29 and 2.30) was replaced by downloading several similar files at once (with different language localization). To do this, each global.res file in its own language has been renamed to NN_global.res, where NN is one of the prefixes currently known to the translation languages (us, de, fr, sp, it, pl, ru, cz). The new files are placed directly in the \scripts folder of the game. The language prefix with underline and the .res file extension (the name global can be any) are critical. The old system of location of text resources (scripts\NN\global.res) is also saved, but when searching for *.res files preference is given to the new location. The result of scanning language modules can be viewed in the sections "Scan text resources", "Add valid text resources" of the file mmG.log. Language switching is available in all game screens (Ctrl+D hotkey) or using the console command lang NN (only in game screen). The prefix of the current language is displayed in the lower left corner of the game screen (full self-name of the language in the game start screen). After leaving the game, the currently selected language is saved in the NL_LANGUAGE parameter of the Settings.cfg configuration file. When the game is launched again, the saved language will be selected (if there is a corresponding text resource). If the required resource is not found, the game will switch to English. If no such resource is found, the game will switch to the first language that was read. Otherwise (if no language is found) the game will end with an emergency stop with a message: "Error! Not found any *.res file".

Note 1. If NL_LANGUAGE parameter is not found or its value is empty, the system language will be selected.

Note 2. The text resource files hu_test.res, jp_test.res, vc_test.res based on us_global.res represent hypothetical translations into Hungarian, Japanese and Vietnamese (?).

3.2) Displaying of dialogue windows of the horse dealer's and horses for sale have been changed.

Added a dialog frame; changed the text displayed in the title; changed the display of icons in the upper left corner of the dialog.

3.3) Added displaying times of day in the indicator of date/time.

If you put the cursor over a date, a pop-up text will appear with a phrase that refers to…

3.4) A choice of the game interface design has been introduced.

In the configuration file Settings.cfg added parameter NL_INTERFACE with possible values:

0 — normal form;

1 — intermediate from;

2 — old form (frames are yellow and wrapped with ivy).

Dynamic switching of the forms is not provided.

3.5) The font settings have been changed.

In the Settings.cfg configuration file, the lines starting with FONT and responsible for font settings have been changed. Thus, the AntiquaSSK font headset (inscriptions for: 1= Descriptions, info; 3= Titles, headers; 7= Settings) has been changed to Arial. The Carolingia font headset (inscription for: 2= Map; 4= Main Menu; 5= Quests; 6= Heads of Journal) has been replaced by Times New Roman. And for font 2, its size has been increased from 12 to 13.

The new settings look like this:

FONT : 1, "Arial", 13

FONT : 2, "Times New Roman", 13

FONT : 3, "Arial", 16

FONT : 4, "Times New Roman", 25

FONT : 5, "Times New Roman", 16

FONT : 6, "Times New Roman", 18

FONT : 7, "Arial", 8

The advantages of this replacement:

a) the font folder and the fonts in it are no longer needed, as the selected fonts are always available in the system;

b) fonts Arial and Times New Roman have clearly distinguishable symbols in both small and large font sizes;

c) because both of these fonts are Unicode fonts, they have national symbols, particularly the languages in which the game is translated.

Note. These settings are embed into the mmG extension, so that if the necessary lines are not found in the Settings.cfg file, the above font settings will be applied.