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New Life of the game Sacred Underworld
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1) Version 1 (2019-10-01)

Sacred NL, basic concept

1.1) The game is based on sacred.exe compiled: "Oct 30 2006 at 17:38:11", file version:, ScecialBuild: RUS. Its size is 11 747 328 bytes (11.2 Mb). Comparison of basic functions of this file with similar functions of ScecialBuild files equal to GER and ENG showed that their code is the same (only their location in text section differs);

1.2) The call of the Init and Release functions of the extension mmG.dll was injected into the file sacred.exe;

1.3) Using an idea taken from unofficial patches 2.29 and 2.30, the text resource (BINARY, id=107) was removed from the sacred.exe file. The file size became 9 158 656 bytes (8.7 Mb), which is 2.5 Mb less than the original file. Since the external text file global.res was not used at all, the simple reading of the file into memory (derived from the above patches) was replaced by the idea of creating a multilingual version of the game (with downloading several text files at once). In addition, due to the disappearance of reading into memory from the body of a large resource file, after the end of the game, DLL offloading became much faster.